Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Anatosaurus, Apatosaurus Vs. Brachiosaurus, and Miragaia

I'm Dr. OGP, the Tiny Paleontologist.  I am three years old.  I know about one billion dinosaurs!!! Do you also like dinosaurs?

In this picture I am holding Brachiosaurus. My sister is next to me.  She likes to slobber on my dinos so I make sure she can't reach them.

I would like to get comments, especially if they are nice!

Have a nice day,



Maya said...

Hi Dr. OGP, I am fascinated by your dinosaur research. Please keep sharing. I also like the songs. They really help me to remember those hard dino names and the key features of the dinosaurs!!! i'll be singing along with you next time.

Your Ayi

grampy said...

Dear Dr. OGP:

What a GREAT blog! Grampy has to admit, you are a much better paleontologist when it comes to remembering all the dinosaur names. I look forward to seeing more on your new blog, especially anything about new dinosaurs and where they lived.

Sent from Eagles Run Ranch
Livermore, CA

Eagles Run Ranch said...

Dear Dr. OGP

Finally, I was able to add a comment. I love hearing about dinosaurs. I hope you can sing the Dino song or a least a little of it, in your next video. I would also like to hear about thunder thighs. XXXOOO Emma

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. OGP:

I found this information about dinosaurs to be more captivating and thought provoking than any other dinosaur blog I have ever had the privilege of visiting. I wish you great success and look forward to future posts from you.

Aunt Kim

Anonymous said...

Hello Dr. OGP,

This is a fantastic blog. As a fellow blogger, I really respect your work. Also, you are a genius at remembering dinosaur names! Is it easier to remember them by making up songs? Maybe I should try that... I look forward to hearing more from such a learned young man.

P.S. I think that my favorite dinosaur is the stegosaurus. It used to be the brontosaurus, but the stego has such a cool shape. It's unbeatable.

vieve said...


Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful information. My son Mason has gained invaluable dinasour facts from your observations. Please keep them coming! :)


Jennifer Wisinski-oakley

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. OGP,

You certainly know all about dinosaurs! You are a very good teacher, Dr. OGP, I learned a lot from your blog. I especially like the songs! I hope to hear more soon, so I can learn even more about dinosaurs!

Auntie Shi

Eagles Run Ranch said...

I didn't know that there were so many dinos in the Therizinosaur family. I was also surprised that sometimes they ate meat and then they ate plants. Hurray for the treetop hunter. Amma

Maestra Maria said...

Hola Dr. OGP!

Muchas gracias for the wonderful and detailed information you share with your fans last month. What are you going to talk about this month?
I can't wait to see!

Maestra Maria :)

Elizabeth Stevens Omlor said...

Osiris! Harper and I love your blog! We have a couple of very important questions for you. We were wondering...do you know what happened to the dinosaurs? Have you ever seen a Dino fossil up close?

We hope you are having a fun summer!

Harper and her mommy

Dr. OGP said...

Hi Harper. We should play at the river again like last time and go to the playground.

I have a real dino fossil in my fossil collection, if you can believe it!!! I have also been to the Museum of Natural History in New York City and the one in Los Angeles and have seen up close fossils and touched them.

Dinos died because of a meteor that made it so plants could not grow really, so most dinos died. But not all dinos died actually. Birds are actually dinosaurs!!!! Wow. Isn't that amazing?