Thursday, March 31, 2011

Therizinosaurs and My Dino Tee

Hi from the Tiny Paleontologist!

This week we are talking about Therizinosaurs.  They are really fantastic dinos with long finger claws.  They didn't used to think they were a category, but now they do.  Isn't that amazing!

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Susie and Jack said...

Hi Osiris! I really like your video. When we see each other again, will you sing me the song about the therizinosaur? Love, Susie

serra said...

Wow! i am learning so much about dinos by following your blog!
thanks osiris!
serra and kaeda

Eagles Run Ranch said...

Dr. OGP: Grampy really learned a lot from your latest video about Therizinosaurus. I especially like your new T-shirt, with all the different dinosaurs. Did you find out whether Nothronychus could swim? I look forward to next week's video. Oh, by the way... did you like the picture I sent you of the Chinese T-rex?

Eagles Run Ranch said...

I didn't know that there were so many dinos in the Therizinosaur family. I was also surprised that sometimes they ate meat and then they ate plants. Hurray for the treetop hunter. Amma

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. OGP,

I enjoyed your description of the dinosaurs and learned a lot about their interesting claws and activities. When you learn to write, you can write a book about dinosaurs and include pictures. I'm sure that you swim better than any of those dinosaurs on your shirt. You can tell me more about your dinosaurs when we visit and I will tell you about planets and stars.

Your aunt and fan,

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. OGP,

Thank you so much for your very informative videos! As you know, my favorite Dinosaur is Triceratops. Do you know any interesting facts about Triceratops? Could a Triceratops fit inside the trailer of a big rig?

Uncle Dovi

Jessie said...

I LOVE the information you had for us and that you had a song to go along with it. :) If you feel comfortable you can always hold a class at preschool and teach some of the other kids about dinosaurs. They would love hearing from such a tiny expert!

-Maestra Jessie

Roy said...


Watching your videos reminds us of our trip to Glen Rose, Texas before your Papa was even born. We were able to see fossilized footprints of dinosaurs along the river. What kind of dinosaurs could have made the footprints?


Nana and Grandpa Roy

Dr OGP said...

Dr. OGP says - I believe the tracks were from a herd of Centrosaurus from when they walked along the river. And maybe he got swept down the river and got a little scared. But Roedinosaurus would kick out the water and save them.

Maya said...

wow! super awesomeness! here's a link on MY favorite dino. please give us a new lecture soon. i can't wait to learn more. love from your ayi in india.