Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yutyrannus huali, Barnum Brown and the Dromaeosaurs

I have returned from the late Cretaceous to share an AMAZING new dino discovery and I also wanted to tell you about the dromaeosaurs, and also Barnum Brown the most famous paleontologist ever to live.

See my toe claw?   Can you guess which dino I am?  My clue is: I have a really big brain and can see at night.  Leave your guess in my comments.  The first person to guess it will get a surprise!

Have a nice day, 


Anonymous said...

Way to go Dr OGP! :)

Leesalu said...

Who knew that dinosaurs might have feathers. Amazing! Thanks for sharing what you know.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dr OGP......Is it a Leaellynasaura? Your Tante Jody

Amma said...

I think your toe claw dino is a Troodon - I would provide a picture but the site doesn't let me paste it in. I would like to hear more about microraptors as I think the little dinos were very interesting

Dr. OGP said...

Ding ding ding. Amma wins! I am a Troodon. Ta-da!

The toe claw was the hint that would tell you I am a dromaeosaur. See my toe claw?

Leaellynasaura was a nice guess because she has such big eyes for night vision and sort of a big brain but she has no toe claw.

Dr. OGP!

Maya Kóvskaya said...

Dear Dr. OGP,

I find it fascinating that what we assumed was "knowledge" about the T-Rex may actually be wrong. I would sure love to see a feathered T-Rex too!!! Do you think you could draw us a picture of that?

I am also finding it really interesting that the mimids body shape looks a lot like that of an ostrich--the bird that can run fastest too!

Please keep teaching us all your amazing DINO lore!!! I'm loving it!

Ayi Maya

grampy said...

This time was the best ever! I sent you a photo on Mama's email... an "artist's depiction" of OSIraptorIS, the fiercest meat eater of them all. He was especially fond of Brachioburgers...with plenty of KETCHUP!

Grandpa Roy said...


Thank you for sharing about the dromaeosaurs. I found it very interesting how they held up their middle toe when they walked. I wonder why.


Grandpa Roy