Sunday, July 15, 2012

More About Dromaeosaurs

I would like to talk more about Dromaeosaurs.  They are really really interesting.  Especially their toe claws.  Please watch my video and leave me comments about Dromaeosaurs if you like them too!


P.S. - Can you tell me which dino I am?  I am a sauropod with the longest neck of all (discovered so far) and I have a whip-like tail.  I will send you a special surprise if you get the answer right in my comments.


Sherry Hanson said...

I never knew there was so much to know about dinosaurs. Thank you for sharing - we anxiously look forward to your next blog. Give your sister a hug from Mississippi ---- Love you. Aunt Sherry

Maya Kovskaya said...

I wish I knew as much about dinos as you and Barnum Brown do! I think now I have a new favorite-- the black microraptor with 4 wings!!! That's the coolest thing, ever. Do you think that the modern day crow and raven are descended from the microraptor? They or of the genus Corvus, and are the smartest birds (actually they are among the smartest animals!) ...they have societies, make and use tools, and do forms of coordinated behavior and can understand human language!). CHECK IT OUT!!!

Let's skype soon. I am in Bangkok and I miss you very very much!
Love, Ayi

Dr. OGP said...

Dear Ayi, I am glad that you like Microraptor. They only just discovered his black color from fossils! I am very interested to learn about corvus birds. Do you know how they carry the knives they make out of grass? I was reading this in the page you sent me.

Maya Kovskaya said...

Yeah! So glad you like the Corvus species and all Corvidae birds in general are really special. Please do more research and definitely share your findings with your ayi. i wish i had a crow for a companion. i love the crows that are everywhere in India and love the way they look you back right in the eye and they are understand a lot of human speech..and their relative the black bird and mynah birds can really SPEAK! it's incredible! I had a mynah bird once and he was a real big talker. now i want a crow instead. CORVUS is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Dr. OGP:
As always, your blog is SO informative. I learned things I never knew before, especially about the different environments. I am glad
to see that you are so interested in actually digging for fossils. That must be really amazing to find different specimens to take with you for later study. Sure hope to help with your next dig. I am looking forward to it. Love, Grampy.

Timothy Larson said...

Dr. OGP, your wealth of knowledge is truly impressive. Please keep up the great work; I love knowing that you have such an interest in gathering facts. My hat is off to you sir. If you don't already have it, I would love to send you a copy of my father's (Peter Larson) book, "Bones Rock". If you're interested please let me know; you can find me on Facebook: or on twitter @TorovenEmasu . I hope you're having a wonderful time and that you never stop learning.

Amma said...

Amma here - loving this blog especially since there is good video of you excavating in the sandstone at the ranch. Who knows what you might find on your next visit.

Dr. OGP said...

Wow. Thank you for Timothy Larson for offering to send me such a neat book. I would really like that one!!!

Eric said...

Hi, my name is Eric, I am 4 years old. I LOVE dinosaurs. I have a little sister too. The answer to your question is Mamenchisaurus. Talk to you soon.
My mom's email address is:
unicornagent at hot mail dot com